Stepping into Scripture:
An Evening with Christ

This presentation, which incorporates imaginative scriptural prayer, can be geared to people of all ages and interests. It’s for those who love the Bible and those wish they did. Scripture is meant to touch our hearts as well as our minds, and during the presentation you'll learn ways to deepen your response to Christ. Through guided imagery you'll enter into the events of Christ’s life and meet him in a new, healing way.

We'll discuss and you'll experience the sacredness of silence, of resting in the Lord. In our deepest relationships, words are often unneeded, interrupting rather than furthering union. We can sit with our closest loved one and absorb their presence. Likewise, we can just enjoy being with God, who says: "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10).

Teens and adults have had high praise for guided prayer in presentations designed for them. Please see their comments below, as well as Testimonials.

See a “how to” and background on the biblical tradition of imaginative prayer on Imaginative Scriptural Prayer. See more about helping children grow in love for Christ on Your Child’s Day with Christ. My gift to you and yours is a guided prayer that kids can enjoy with the keen imaginations God has given them.

Response from Teens:

“This was amazing. I learned so much. I can’t wait to continue using my knowledge in prayer. And it was a pleasure talking to such a loving woman too.”  M.S.

“It was great getting a chance to receive God in such an intimate way.”  B.A.

 “This was very powerful. And I enjoyed learning a new prayer form.”  M.L.

Response from Adults:

"God's presence was real. This was transformative. Sally gave me tools I can really use in my life."  A.N.

"I never put much thought into my relationship with God. But during (prayer) I had my first interior experiences. I learned about myself and what God meant to me."    T.G.

Thank you for the wonderful advent retreat this year. I loved the guided prayer. I am continuing my journey with fortification from you.”   N.G.

''The prayer made me feel deep trust in God. I'm not a big worrier anymore.'' J.W.G.


© 2017 Sally Metzger